Famiglia Lanzavecchia


In long ago 1887, Daniele Lanzavecchia was born in Predosa, a difficult land outside Monferrato, near Alessandria.

Times were hard, and two world wars in succession did not make life easier, but it was in those sad times that the idea of creating something that gave hope for the future took root. He started a small vine cuttings nursery, and so began the tradition and the Lanzavecchia family's love for this plant, which holds within itself a part of our civilization's history and the eternal relationship between man and nature.

Pietro, Daniele's son, married very young to Piera Dardano. The desire to better their life took them far from the place they were born; together it was they who realized that the area best suited for the cultivation of grapes was the Langhe, and specifically Serralunga d'Alba. It was here that in 1959 Pietro started the company as it is today, buying land and vineyards, including the Cappallotto Estate, now 25 hectares, between the hills and the town's Rocca Felice, and later building the winery.

Nowadays, it is Daniele Lanzavecchia, Pietro and Piera's son and married to Margherita Meda, who runs the business together with his daughter Paola.