Famiglia Lanzavecchia


The Lanzavecchia family, winemakers for four generations, expresses its links with the land through its wines. It contributes to promoting the image of the Langhe area around the world, not only with fine wines and good food, but a way of life, a choice that is reflected in the joys and hard work of everyday life at Serralunga d'Alba (CN).

"I love this land, this house in the midst of the vines, these places that are so special and full of history and the stories of people. Every day seems the same, but every year gives different fruits. The land is like a child; when you take care of it and give it love, it rewards you and never betrays you. But the land is a hard taskmaster, as our countryfolk say, and it is also fatigue, sweat and pain. By the time you understand this, it is too late; you are part of this land and this land is yours."

Daniele Lanzavecchia